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It has been a while since this Hoosier gal has posted anything. Am trying to get back in the groove . Will be posted sewing, decorating and crafting tips. I like frugality, using what you have in your present stash.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


A Very Merry & Blessed Christmas to each of you. Also, may your New Year be prosperous !
Let's remember the reason why we do have this beautiful season. It is because of God & Jesus who came to save mankind from his sins. We all have the sin nature....but Jesus still loves us and wants to offer us eternal life.
May we reflect on that one night so long ago, that means so much to us today!
Much love and hugs

Monday, December 14, 2009

CHRISTMAS That Favorite Time of The Year

Yes, Christmas is a favorite for me. The big tree in our home is Jesus's Birthday Tree. If not for Him we would have no reason to celebrate this time of year, contrary to what some believe. The word Christmas has Christs name in it and can never be changed.
Here are two pictures of our 9 ft. tree that is displayed in our front living room. It takes me a good week to get it assembled and decorated. Some of the rooms in our home are Victorian, with lots of whites.
From our home to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a New Year with promise.

CHRISTMAS Antique Ornaments

We have been collecting ornaments for years. I just love the antique and vintage ones. Here are a few of my favorite ornaments on our 9 ft. tree.
Some are of the Mercury Glass, one has the piece of tinsel in it. The longer one is foil with Mercury beads. I do have Mercury Glass strands on 3 areas of the tree. My most treasured are the Kugels and Spun Cotton ornaments that are at the top of the tree. Thus, unable to get close ups of them. We even have 3 dozen of the plastic glow in dark icicle. Those are my hubby's favorite.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Well another fantastic Quilt Retreat has come and gone. I am posting numerous photos from the 3 story lodge where it was held. Just a beautiful setting, but , was disappointed that the trees were not in full color as in the past years. Some said the extra rain this fall and fast cool down brought this about. The view was still wonderful. Being on the lake brought about many surprise visits from different fowls. One day we had a lonnggggg....and I mean very long straight line of white ducks just sitting in a row. Just like the old adage...get your ducks in a row. Couldn't begin to count them all. They stayed this way forever! Then eventually they broke up.
The one photo shows a stone with the word Waubee!. The lake is Waubee.

The first photo is of Deb, with the green sewing machine, that made the neatest (and I know it sounds strange) quilt from her sons boxer shorts. And I add as she stated "they are all clean." LOL

The next closeup in third pix is of Marilyn that does such lovely work and my can she crank out the quilts. Wish I could move as fast as her.

The other photos show some of the other ladies. We had 45 attend this Quilt Retreat. So much fun and fellow shiping.

Hope you enjoyed the photos.
Now is the time of year to begin cocooning. So start your sewing, painting or whatever projects.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Can you believe it is October....and I am just now getting another post to my blog.
Gracious......where does the time fly to? Seems to be my mantra anymore.
As you can see by a couple photos of items listed in my Etsy shop, the Harvest items are accumulating.
Please check out our OFG Old Farmhouse Gathering Art Group on Etsy. Just type in OFG in the search bar.
We have many wonderful artists offering fantastic items for your Harvest Decorating.

Also in the air for me is my soon to be Quilt Retreat at a neat camp in Northern Indiana. Just can't wait. Will be lots of great food, fun and fellowship..and of course the all night and all day sewing! Will post some pixs when I return.

Hope all of you are enjoying the cooler temps. I know I am. Our trees here in Indiana are turning. Some are so pretty...better than last year.

Well, I am off to my studio to sew and get some things organized.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Garage Sale , Yard Sale they are all so much fun!

Who can resist a good sale, sometimes a steal for unique items or just something that you can use and not spend much of your money on?
Every once in a while I get out and scour a few. The past couple weekends coughed up a few treasures as you can see by my photos.
I just LOVE the vintage forest green crepe paper nut cups with handles. They were in the original packing. At the very back are a Vintage Japan couple, boy and girl bookends.
In my studio I have a shelving with my collectible Santas, some I made and others bought, plus vintage Christmas. This is one of my design stimulator areas in my studio. So I just had to pick up the vintage bottle trees and green hard plastic sleigh.
The one santa is a Naapco. Not sure about the Tea Strainer Mug? Anyone have info on this?
Enjoy the photos.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


This is a fun Posting. Since Autumn is just around the corner my thoughts are on the apple orchards,cool air,changing leaves you name whatever image comes to your mind depicting Autumn.
So...am giving away a red Wool Felt Candle Mat that is approx. 8 1/2" diam. This will look lovely under your Autumn Apple candles. It has green and black hand-stitched embroidery with 3 gold beads at four areas. My photos don't give justice to this. Just think how pretty this would be sitting beside a basket of apples! Then you will also get the cute little Delicious Apples Pillow. It has a country red homespun on the back.
The drawing will be held Monday, August 31st. Just leave me a comment on this post. Be sure to put your name and address.
PLEASE NOTE this is for the OFG Team Members only.
Thank you


I am posting a couple of my doll photos that were used at the Cloth Doll Group I belong to. Started creating dolls back in 1986. Began in the craft shows, then after leaving the medical field the adventure led me to my own Country Store and of course the dolls were there.
My Rabbit Doll is made from tea-stained velvet. This was alot of fun to make. Most of my dolls incorporate pieces of antique or vintage textiles and objects. When first copy righting the dolls they were under my designer name Susan Janssen-Green.


Well here it is mid summer. Can you believe how fast the time has flown?? WOW......grandma used to tell me, when I was anxious to get out of high school, that the years would go faster and faster with each year. She was so right. Would love to sit and talk with her now about this truth. Unfortunately, when we are young the usual reaction to an older persons wisdom is , "yeah, right."
Like we knew everything there is to know at that age. Gracious.
Anyway, my rambling is because, while photographing a few of my flowers in backyard the emotion of nostalgia hit me.
Had so much fun so far this Spring and Summer. Actually, embracing the outside more this year. When the sweat (I don't perspire I sweat!!) would roll down my head and face, I embraced it....was enjoying the feeling of living and playing in the dirt.
Enjoy my backyard photos. Have alot more I could have taken, but then you would have been bored.
Enjoy Susan

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Few Frugal Tips !!

Thought it would be fun to write a blog on saving tips. Will write a few every so often. With times hard for so many, it is always wise to see how long you can hang onto your "cents." I have noticed that cooking for the two of us,hubby and I ,making sure it is a healthy balanced meal, is an art. What with the increase in cost of groceries...my oh my! Who wants to waste??


1. In order to save your celery (we always buy for a recipe that calls for only one
stalk....Pleeazeeeee..) Cut off the bottom section, place this in a freezer bag
storing for a day of soup or broth making. Wrap the entire stalks and stems in
aluminum foil. Really, was I surprised at how long this lasts.

2. To keep a head of lettuce fresh for a week or even longer.....after washing
lettuce, let it drain well first. Insert head of lettuce into a big enough bag
along with a piece of paper towel at bottom and top. The paper towel will absorb
moisture. Each time after using the lettuce, check the paper towel to see if it
needs new. Amazingly, you will have fresh lettuce for a very long time. I eat a
salad at lunch each day. Don't waste your money of the pre-chopped bags of
lettuce. I found that once opened, they last only that day or perhaps a day and
a half. A wasted for a single or double family.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Simply Wonderful Days Of Spring

Can you believe tomorrow will be June? Where does the time fly too?
I have been busy each evening "putzing" around my flower beds.....enjoying the smells of Spring, earth, sweet cool air. Isn't it wonderful this time of year.
I marvel at God's creation. What an Awesome God is He!!! He created all, with a purpose and everything intertwined, His World for Him.
I became a member of the Peru Garden Club last June. It has been so much fun. Was afraid at first that a person needed to be a pro to join...but found out differently.
As one lady stated, "it is a great way for a novice to begin." She is right. So much knowledge from the pros in the group...you are always accepted, free seeds and plants...oh my !!!! :)
My experience has been, plant it and see if it survives. If it does then figure out or read up on why. If it dies, then do the previous. Trial and error...nothing better than that.
We live in town and have small yards,so mine is quickly becoming crowded with lots.
My one sister Jo inspired me. She is such a pro - a definite green thumb with lavender twist to boot!!!
My pictures are first the climbing rose bush that has taken about 6 years to get to this stage. Another, just plant and see what happens. My Clematis is the last 3 photos. Not sure of the name, my pansies, that are a favorite of my hubby's, are the two center photos and first photo is the Red Raspberry bush. It was absolutely loaded last year to the point that my freezer overflowed with bags of BIG PLUMP Red Raspberries. We had Raspberry Shortcake just the last week. Now this year it looks as though will be full again. Have counted 6-8 blooms on each cluster.
The funny thing is I purchased this bush at Home Depot about 4 years ago. It looked pathetic but the price was right up my alley....$1.99.
It is one of the stories "plant it and see if it grows." It wasn't until the 3rd year it yielded so much!! When we went on vacation last year I request our neighbors and cousin to please come and pick them...didn't want them to go to waste.
Enjoy my photos. ( I know they did not upload in the right order)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Memory of my Annie Girl

High in the courts of Heaven today
A little cat bravely waits.
with all the others she will not play
But sits alone by the gates.
"For some day my mistress will come." says she.
"And when she comes she will call for me."
Author Unknown

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Sad Day

My goodness it has been so long since I last posted on my Blog.
First, during later part of fall and then into December we were busy with family things...and of course the holidays.
We went to Georgia to see our grandsons & family for Thanksgiving.
Then I was busy getting ready for my upcoming re-constructive surgery on my right foot. I would be non-weight bearing for about 2 months, in a cast, then a walking cast the latter weeks.
It has now been about 4 months !!! Yes, 4 months!!! There have been problems with my ankle implant working out and the 1st Metatarsal not fusing as should. Thus am on a bone stimulator. It is working. Still in boot/cast for another week and prayerfully will be off. I do need a minor surgery to re-screw in the implant.

Now, the sad part. I am posting a picture of our beloved Calico Orphant' Annie. She is named after one of James Whitcomb Riley's poems that my father read to me often. Orphant' Annie was one of many favorite Riley poems I adored as a child and now as an adult. Of course he is a Hoosier ! :)
Annie had hyperthryoidism. We had her on meds. then she began to spit them out, hide at pill time...you name it.
Anyone that has had a Calico know they are very bull-headed and she more so since being so spoiled by us. She was a beautiful Calico.
I said God gave her to me, November 1993, because my heart had been broken by my father's untimely death.
You see, Annie had a beautiful black heart on her right shoulder! She was a new heart for my breaking heart.
It was so very hard to take her to the vet yesterday. My hubby was crying as hard as I.
The young vet was so compassionate along with the assistant. At her age to have the thyroid eradicated was just way too expensive and her being old and not an outside cat....well, I know her heart would have been broken to be away from us for 2 weeks.
So...here we are, seeing our beloved Annie's image in every nook and cranny of this 2 story victorian home.
Yesterday as I notified my friends ....my thought was.....why are we to fall so madly in love with God's critters just to have our hearts broken.
But....you know.....I am so richly blessed to have had Annie grace my life.
I always talked to her...."you are such a pretty pretty Calico." As I rubbed her chest she would puff it out and let me keep telling her how pretty she was.
Now....if that isn't a Calico for you....very proud and strutting her stuff.
I hope you enjoy her photo....I know she would love it ~

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