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It has been a while since this Hoosier gal has posted anything. Am trying to get back in the groove . Will be posted sewing, decorating and crafting tips. I like frugality, using what you have in your present stash.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday - June 10- 2006

My of my where does the time fly to!! ??? Can't believe it has been 6 days since last posting.
Lets see, what has been going on. Well for one thing all this flooding in southern/central part of Indiana. My heart breaks and prayers are going up. Just shows man is NOT in control of things. I pray that each person will be intricately aware of God throughout this ordeal.
My sales on Etsy have been increasing. I joined a great group of artists/crafters named OFG thats Old FarmHouse Gathering...and we help each other with ideas. Lately they are trying to come up with ways to promote Etsy outside of Etsy if you get my drift. This is a great place....a whole lot better than eBay...where I was a powerseller for about 7 years. God tired of the bias on eBay. Because I proclaim my Christian Faith, alot was allowed on my feedback at eBay that normally wouldn't be allowed on anyone elses. Now go figure. What is good for the goose is NOT good for the gander so to speak.
Anyway, I love Etsy so far. It is a way for me to have an outlet for all the output of my creativity.
You can see some of my items below.
Today I had another visit with my Rheumatologist. Just the same o same o visit. Just trying to make me comfortable and stop the "flare -up" that causes damage to the joints. Sure didn't think I would be dealing with something like this at 55 !! Have way too many things I want to do.
Today was a little cooler here in Central Indiana PTL !! We went from a cold Spring to instand HEAT overnight....literally !! :)
Well, time to get a few things wrapped up in my studio before heading downstairs.
Have a beautiful evening
God Bless

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