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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Wanted to add another post tonight while it was all fresh in my mind and on my heart.
This weekend has been busy. In fact the whole week has been Circus City Days here in Peru Indiana. This was once the original headquarters for the circuses. This tradition still lives on. Each July, 3rd week, there is the downtown carnival, the circus in a permanent building with performances by the local children that are truely talented, we have a Hall of Fame Circus outside of town that goes all summer, then the parade on Saturday.
Today's parade was outstanding in that there have been more of the original antique circus wagons restored and used in the parade. In fact there are Circus Clubs Nationally and Internationally that have come here to work on the circus wagaons.
Our history also boasts of Emmet Kelly the Clown and Cole Porter.

Anyway, today was busy.
We went to my one cousin's house on main street (part of the parade route) to have an early breakfast before observing the parade from her front lawn.

We also had a reunion with family from Florida
Normally, the time with our family in Florida has been far and few inbetween these past years for some of us. I treasure the memories of years gone by when this family would make a trip to Indiana each summer with their 5 children. They stayed at our house (grandma's and my residence). There was always the huge family reunion in the park with oodles of good home cooked dishes. Our family was so big back then.
Also today after the parade we went to another relatives home in the country for a lunch. Spent alot of time sitting around talking , laughing and hugging.
Now..here comes the part that is on my heart.

Can we please freeze time right now? Can we recapture the dear loved ones that have passed on and bring them back.
I am telling you I just don't want the time to end. Is it possible, somehow, to grab the 4 corners of time and tie a knot to gather it up and stay in that frame?
Yes, I am an adult and realize this is not possible...but my oh my ....WHY NOT ?
We are allowed to have so many wonderful treasurys with family and friends...special times and then it fades. This is not how I want it to be!!

A few of us walked across main street down the side street to grandma's old home. My the memories, good times....so many beautiful souls that God has allowed to Grace my heart. How I treasure them all and am so very thankful to have been a part of this big extended family. Thank you God.
Now...I will go and cry silently in my studio for a while.
I don't know if or when I shall see or hug them again.
Can't you relate?
Well, am back on the scene after a wonderful trip to Richmond Virginia. We attended our church denomination's annual conference which was also celebrating the 300th year for the Church of the Brethren.
There were over 5,000 in attendance this year.
We drove the 12 1/2 hrs. in order to stop along the way and enjoy some sights. Am afraid my digital camera is acting up a bit, so the photo at left just isn't that great. But thinking about it, who can capture the ultimate beauty of God's Creation?
This view was breath taking. Made us stop and ponder the wonder of it all.

Now, I believe each state is unique with it's own special terrain. Do we live in an awesome country or what. After traveling many years through many different nations...I can honestly state that America has such diversity in the geographical element , all tied up into one country. Most countries do not.
We visited a Tudor Mansion that was shipped in crates to America in the 1920's. It was an estate that had become severely neglected and was being auctioned off. A man from family tobacco wealth in Richmond purchased it. He and his wife brought it back and began the assembly.
The place is called AgeCroft and you can find it online . Google Agecroft Richmond Virginia. Just awesome how this was preserved. Later on they went back and purchased furniture that was of that period.
The gardens are so unique. That intriged me also, since I recently joined our Peru Garden Club.
Another thing that I learned very fast was the hills of Richmond....my oh my. Now we only saw a few bicyclists. You would truely have to be fit to ride in that city ! :)

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