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It has been a while since this Hoosier gal has posted anything. Am trying to get back in the groove . Will be posted sewing, decorating and crafting tips. I like frugality, using what you have in your present stash.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Few Frugal Tips !!

Thought it would be fun to write a blog on saving tips. Will write a few every so often. With times hard for so many, it is always wise to see how long you can hang onto your "cents." I have noticed that cooking for the two of us,hubby and I ,making sure it is a healthy balanced meal, is an art. What with the increase in cost of groceries...my oh my! Who wants to waste??


1. In order to save your celery (we always buy for a recipe that calls for only one
stalk....Pleeazeeeee..) Cut off the bottom section, place this in a freezer bag
storing for a day of soup or broth making. Wrap the entire stalks and stems in
aluminum foil. Really, was I surprised at how long this lasts.

2. To keep a head of lettuce fresh for a week or even longer.....after washing
lettuce, let it drain well first. Insert head of lettuce into a big enough bag
along with a piece of paper towel at bottom and top. The paper towel will absorb
moisture. Each time after using the lettuce, check the paper towel to see if it
needs new. Amazingly, you will have fresh lettuce for a very long time. I eat a
salad at lunch each day. Don't waste your money of the pre-chopped bags of
lettuce. I found that once opened, they last only that day or perhaps a day and
a half. A wasted for a single or double family.

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