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It has been a while since this Hoosier gal has posted anything. Am trying to get back in the groove . Will be posted sewing, decorating and crafting tips. I like frugality, using what you have in your present stash.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Cold January Day And Nothing To Do But Stay In

A couple more photos of groupings in my home.  The one has an Aladdin Drape Oil Lamp in it, some cloth Shabby Chic hearts I made, a framed Antique Easter card.  The second photo shows my antique dresser top in our bedroom.  To the right of clock you will see a photo of my father as a baby.  Yep, the guys wore the long gowns in those days! A couple Boyd Bunnies sit in front. Vintage Crystal hold my charm bracelet and gold bangle from Arabia.


A good day to stay in reading or sewing or designing. Decided to take a few photos showing some of my vignettes in our home.
The first pix is of my antique composition Effanbee doll Patsy. She is the large Patsy approx. 27". I have her sitting on a stool in corner of our bedroom holding a Boyd bear in her lap. Before moving to Indiana I had her completely restored by a doll maker in Florida. She is just special. Still bears the original Effanbee heart tag on her wrist.
I also have pulled out a few books from my library and scanned a few pages here and there. One of my favorite authors is the Indiana Hoosier Poet James Whitcomb Riley.  My father would read from an antique book of his poems, to me before going to bed. Then we would have our prayers.
Today I looked at one verse of  "A Life Lesson."

THERE ! little girl ; don't cry !
They have broken your doll I know ;
And your tea set blue,
And your play house , too,
Are things of the long ago;
 But childish troubles will soon pass
There !  little girl; don't cry !

I typed the verse as written in book.  This book is Child Rhynes, James Whitcomb Riley , Hoosier Pictures by  Will Vawter.  Copyright 1890. This antique book I have was presented to a young lady in 1929 at Christmas time.

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