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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Sad Day

My goodness it has been so long since I last posted on my Blog.
First, during later part of fall and then into December we were busy with family things...and of course the holidays.
We went to Georgia to see our grandsons & family for Thanksgiving.
Then I was busy getting ready for my upcoming re-constructive surgery on my right foot. I would be non-weight bearing for about 2 months, in a cast, then a walking cast the latter weeks.
It has now been about 4 months !!! Yes, 4 months!!! There have been problems with my ankle implant working out and the 1st Metatarsal not fusing as should. Thus am on a bone stimulator. It is working. Still in boot/cast for another week and prayerfully will be off. I do need a minor surgery to re-screw in the implant.

Now, the sad part. I am posting a picture of our beloved Calico Orphant' Annie. She is named after one of James Whitcomb Riley's poems that my father read to me often. Orphant' Annie was one of many favorite Riley poems I adored as a child and now as an adult. Of course he is a Hoosier ! :)
Annie had hyperthryoidism. We had her on meds. then she began to spit them out, hide at pill time...you name it.
Anyone that has had a Calico know they are very bull-headed and she more so since being so spoiled by us. She was a beautiful Calico.
I said God gave her to me, November 1993, because my heart had been broken by my father's untimely death.
You see, Annie had a beautiful black heart on her right shoulder! She was a new heart for my breaking heart.
It was so very hard to take her to the vet yesterday. My hubby was crying as hard as I.
The young vet was so compassionate along with the assistant. At her age to have the thyroid eradicated was just way too expensive and her being old and not an outside cat....well, I know her heart would have been broken to be away from us for 2 weeks.
So...here we are, seeing our beloved Annie's image in every nook and cranny of this 2 story victorian home.
Yesterday as I notified my friends ....my thought was.....why are we to fall so madly in love with God's critters just to have our hearts broken.
But....you know.....I am so richly blessed to have had Annie grace my life.
I always talked to her...."you are such a pretty pretty Calico." As I rubbed her chest she would puff it out and let me keep telling her how pretty she was.
Now....if that isn't a Calico for you....very proud and strutting her stuff.
I hope you enjoy her photo....I know she would love it ~

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