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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Simply Wonderful Days Of Spring

Can you believe tomorrow will be June? Where does the time fly too?
I have been busy each evening "putzing" around my flower beds.....enjoying the smells of Spring, earth, sweet cool air. Isn't it wonderful this time of year.
I marvel at God's creation. What an Awesome God is He!!! He created all, with a purpose and everything intertwined, His World for Him.
I became a member of the Peru Garden Club last June. It has been so much fun. Was afraid at first that a person needed to be a pro to join...but found out differently.
As one lady stated, "it is a great way for a novice to begin." She is right. So much knowledge from the pros in the group...you are always accepted, free seeds and plants...oh my !!!! :)
My experience has been, plant it and see if it survives. If it does then figure out or read up on why. If it dies, then do the previous. Trial and error...nothing better than that.
We live in town and have small yards,so mine is quickly becoming crowded with lots.
My one sister Jo inspired me. She is such a pro - a definite green thumb with lavender twist to boot!!!
My pictures are first the climbing rose bush that has taken about 6 years to get to this stage. Another, just plant and see what happens. My Clematis is the last 3 photos. Not sure of the name, my pansies, that are a favorite of my hubby's, are the two center photos and first photo is the Red Raspberry bush. It was absolutely loaded last year to the point that my freezer overflowed with bags of BIG PLUMP Red Raspberries. We had Raspberry Shortcake just the last week. Now this year it looks as though will be full again. Have counted 6-8 blooms on each cluster.
The funny thing is I purchased this bush at Home Depot about 4 years ago. It looked pathetic but the price was right up my alley....$1.99.
It is one of the stories "plant it and see if it grows." It wasn't until the 3rd year it yielded so much!! When we went on vacation last year I request our neighbors and cousin to please come and pick them...didn't want them to go to waste.
Enjoy my photos. ( I know they did not upload in the right order)

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