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It has been a while since this Hoosier gal has posted anything. Am trying to get back in the groove . Will be posted sewing, decorating and crafting tips. I like frugality, using what you have in your present stash.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Well here it is mid summer. Can you believe how fast the time has flown?? WOW......grandma used to tell me, when I was anxious to get out of high school, that the years would go faster and faster with each year. She was so right. Would love to sit and talk with her now about this truth. Unfortunately, when we are young the usual reaction to an older persons wisdom is , "yeah, right."
Like we knew everything there is to know at that age. Gracious.
Anyway, my rambling is because, while photographing a few of my flowers in backyard the emotion of nostalgia hit me.
Had so much fun so far this Spring and Summer. Actually, embracing the outside more this year. When the sweat (I don't perspire I sweat!!) would roll down my head and face, I embraced it....was enjoying the feeling of living and playing in the dirt.
Enjoy my backyard photos. Have alot more I could have taken, but then you would have been bored.
Enjoy Susan


Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

Love all your flowers! So wish I had a green thumb!!


Thank you for the compliment Kim. It has all been by trial and error! I love working in the yard, especially after supper, something about the calm and serene atmosphere.

Carol said...

Beautiful flowers! You've got a green thumb. Aces!

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