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Saturday, April 9, 2011


Well, the mother bird has built another nest in my new Spring Wreath on our front door.  Someone told me that the same bird will return each year to same spot to build.
She has had to go behind the flower sprigs that are covering the lower half of the
opening, so she has truly studied the situation.  Again, there are 5 eggs.  Last Spring
we watched the eggs hatch and the babies grow.  The day they began to leave the nest was so sad for me. My hubby went for the morning paper early a.m. and told me
then there was only one left sitting on the nest.  When I went to look, drawing aside
the lace curtain, he flew away.
I felt so empty all that day.  While driving on my errands and doing the chores around the house, I would stop and go look at the wreath. 
She builds the nest at very back of my large wreath, it actually butts up against our long glass stormdoor.
My photo isn't the best.  I have been calling the eggs blue but they are actually a green or aqua.  Some have said she is a House Finch, others say a Jenny Wren. Will have to research more. She always flits away whenever the main door opens. Can never get a true pix of her.
Update: I just did more research and even listened to the song and do believe this is a Song Sparrow. The song has woken us up each morning, so strong and pretty. Also, from the pictures on websites, the nest and eggs look to be this bird.
Enjoy !

1 comment:

Pixie said...

what a blessing from that mama bird. Your house and wreath must be special indeed to have such a lovley nest.

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