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Sunday, January 6, 2013


Here it is 2013 .....2012 is in the past. It was a very sad year for me. We had 3 family deaths, 2 friends from church that were unexpected...numerous serious health issues with friends and family and last my beloved kitty Sadie Mae (10 1/2 yrs) succumbed to Injection Site Sarcoma. I wanted to post this  the information for anyone that has a strictly indoor kitty. Please Google this and read up. Had I been given the information I would never have been the conscientious pet owner taking my kitty in for her shots. Had no idea about this. I have been so angry and devastated words can not begin to tell.
Not having children, my fur babies have always been my children. With Sadie Mae she had a difficult life before coming to our loving home at the age of 3. She was so precious. Seems she was very thankful to have found somone to love her. I can certainly relate to that. After losing our pretty Calico Orphant Annie, 3 1/2 years ago, Sadie Mae's personality began to blossom. Annie was the Queen of the house and Sadie knew it.
One day while Sadie was looking out the back enclosed porch, my heart told me to take this photo of her. She loved sitting on the porch, watching the birds come up on our patio, then she would begin to chatter. Oh how I miss this. Also had a cardboard flat with a blanket in it for her. She adored her little sunroom so to speak.
So...here is the photo and my words. Notice on the left upper side the lumps that were forming from this horrible cancer. She hung on and wasn't going to let go. We had to make that decision on November 19th....no more suffering Sadie Mae...it is ok to let go now.

"so another chapter in my life closes. The tears in my throat are threatening to choke me. It is time for you to walk through this door. Thank you for sharing your life with us."

I miss so you very much my "good good girl Sadie."


Laura Rhodes said...

Oh I am so sorry of hearing of loosing your dear kitty. I have a soft spot for cats as well, and hate to think of that kind of thing happening to mine. That's the thing about having pets...one day you have to say goodbye...May the Lord comfort you at this time and always remember the good times. God bless you! Laura

Firecracker Kid said...

Aww Susan, Sadie Mae is a beautiful girl and she'll remain beautiful in your heart and memories. The two of you provided love and companionship that each needed. So remember, she's with you forever. I swear sometimes I see shadows or spirits of my past kitties. Especially a Siamese, Cleo, we had. We'll never forget them. Think of the good times sweetie ;)


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